A White Naomi Prayer Shawl

This is the same Naomi prayer shawl I made in pink done in a white yarn (I Love This Yarn, sport weight).

This is one of my favorite patterns to make. It can be adjusted to using any weight yarn by changing hook size. All that’s needed is to keep the rows divisible by four.

I haven’t started a new shawl this past week. Instead I’ve been working on finishing an afghan. I’ve been trying to get one afghan made for each of my grandchildren. One of these days I’ll have all of them made and then I can give them as either Christmas or birthday gifts.

I have to confess that I tried making them in all their favorite colors, but they seem to keep changing! So, they’ll just have to be happy with whatever color I give them. This is a picture of the one I’m working on now. All of them are made from the same pattern found in Leisure Arts Birthstone Afghans by Carole Prior. This particular pattern is the November one.

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