Slow and Steady for Weight Loss

I believe in exercise. There are so many benefits. When I started my journey into losing weight to improve my health, exercise was a chore. I’d look at the treadmill and it resembled an ancient torture machine.

Walking is healthy and one of the best and easiest forms of exercise. Years ago, I would walk the trails in the park, walk a scheduled route through my neighborhood…I really enjoyed the fresh air and the wonderful feeling of achievement upon finishing.

Times have changed. It’s no longer safe to walk alone in my neighborhood. I’ve even been threatened by an angry pit bull. With the cost of gas, driving to the park isn’t lucrative. So, I’m grateful to have the treadmill.

I love walking at a low speed while I write, but when it comes to taking off the portable desk and using it as an exercise tool…yikes! But after a half-hour workout, my body is energized, my mind is refreshed, and I’m filled with energy. Without exercise, my weight loss stalls.

If you are battling extra weight, try not to think of how much you have to lose. Instead, think about a very small goal. Think, I want to lose one pound this week or in two weeks. Then set about getting your body in motion and thinking about how much exercise you’d have to do to burn off those high calorie temptations! You don’t have to have a treadmill, or spend money to join a gym.

Park at the back of the parking lot where you work or when you go shopping. When you go to the grocery store, walk up and down every aisle. Do not arrange your list so that you can pick up everything in the order you usually shop. Try alphabetizing them or picking up the first item and then the last item and so on. This will increase the number of steps you take.

Purchase a good pedometer. See how many steps you usually take and increase those until you can do 10,000 steps a day. You don’t have to walk outdoors or on a treadmill. Walk around your house. If you have stairs, walk up and down those stairs a couple of times instead of watching commercials. There are lots of ways to increase your movements.

Slow and steady is what leads to success. And, yes, you can do it the old fashioned way…without surgery, pills, or buying expensive “special” meal plans.

Keep a positive attitude and tell yourself that you ARE worth it!

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