Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

I write this with utmost respect for your position as the leader of our country. I’m one of the quiet ones, one of the many who don’t speak out publicly on politics, preferring to spend my time in prayer for you, our other leaders, our country, and world.

However, this morning I read an article that really stabbed at my heart. I have never made a million dollars in a year, or even $100,000, so I can’t put myself in the place of those who are seeking not to pay higher taxes because of their high incomes. I can look at it from both sides. In order to be fair, why should one group of people be asked to pay more than another? It doesn’t seem like equality. I know there are those who might be able to do so without causing harm to them financially, while it will be a very difficult hardship on others. But I don’t believe the solution to our problem comes from taxing more on the higher incomes.

What bothers me, is the idea that the people who make the least amount of money, those like me who are living on the Social Security income (which I paid for during my lifetime of working because it was set up to be a “retirement” income originally) are going to be penalized. The government considers this a “benefit” and the funds many of us put into this retirement fund were taken and used for other programs because it was considered so abundant. Now that the “boomers” are retiring, the funds they expected to have just aren’t there any longer because our government chose to spend that money. Politicians talk about cutting “benefits” and lowering cost-of-living increases on people like me…dependent on what I thought was a solid retirement plan years ago. Why should we penalized? Do you think this is the way to get us out of debt? Is this any fairer than taxing the rich more money? Is this equality? Neither is fair, in my humble opinion.

So, as I see it, the rich will not suffer. They will continue to reap the benefits of not having to bear any of the burden of the debt our government has created over the years. Instead, you will increase the government standard for income threshholds and penalize those who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and needed medication and health care. Yes, our medical needs are greater than the younger working people. Hasn’t that always been the case?

But now our government chooses to turn its back on the very people who worked so hard to make a living, those who love our country, who fought for the very freedoms you enjoy. Where is the respect for us? Yet, those who choose not to work or who come from another country looking for “freedom and benefits” will be taken into consideration before the “retired” citizens of this country.

One day we will all answer to God. We’ll be judged based on the lives we have led. All the money in the world cannot buy a reservation in Heaven. Those with hardened hearts will be separated from the flock on judgment day. I ask you now: Do you think God is pleased with our government?

The ideals our country were built on have been trampled and tossed aside. Not only are the elderly not respected, but God has been forgotten. No prayer in schools. Instead we have slaughters in schools. No “under God” in the pledge of allegiance. No sign of Christianity to be seen on any goverment property. We don’t say “Merry Christmas” because we might offend someone who doesn’t believe in God. But it is okay to offend me, a Christian, who does believe.

No matter what happens, I know the ending. It has been written and so it will be. Those who have been worshipping the wrong idol will perish along with their leader who rules this world. They will suffer the ultimate fire at the end of time.

Where will you be, Mr. President?

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