A Hug from God

Those who know me, know that I care for a colony of feral cats. The story of how that came to be is on the bio page of my website. Yesterday, one of the sweetest cats, Buffy, wasn’t around. He always greets me at the front door in the morning and cares more about getting loved than eating. I called, but he never showed up. All day I worried. All day he was absent.

I keep a journal of these feral cats. The date we had them neutered/spayed, whether they are male or female, colors and markings, and dates when they disappear. Feral cats wander off and never return when they are sick. They prefer to die in a hidden place. I wait for weeks before I mark them as “disappeared.”

This morning, before I went out to feed the cats, I was at my computer desk and I saw a little face peeking through the window. Buffy! I was so happy to see him. I hurried outdoors to give him his love and then to the back to feed everyone. That’s where the real miracle appeared.

I heard a loud cry. That didn’t sound like any of the cats who were in the normal colony. To my amazement I saw Oreo a beautiful black and white long-haired cat who “disappeared” over a year ago! I knew it was him because his ear was clipped and I sure remembered that loud meow. Oreo had never let me pet him…until this morning! When I reached out, he didn’t run away, he allowed me to pet him…even relished having the love. His backbone was very prominent beneath all that fur, but I knew someone had taken him in and cared for him over the past year.

Yes, I’m a little crazy I guess, because I was crying and repeating “It’s a miracle. Thank you, Jesus.” My heart goes out to all these poor little guys who have been abandoned and I want to make life a little better for them. Someone else did, too. They took this precious boy into their home and cared for him. I’m not sure why he’s back. Maybe he’ll “disappear” again, but I know his return this morning was a hug from God.

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