Soft Baby Blanket with Border

My Weight Watcher leader’s little granddaughter who was born prematurely is thriving very well. It would be a true blessing to have her home for Christmas. When her twin sister died, I presented my leader with a cranberry prayer shawl, but I wanted to make something for her little granddaughter.

I had some yarn in my stash and decided to use it to make a blanket. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates and a size H hook. I suggest using an acrylic hook because the yarn tends to split otherwise. This particular yarn color is Candy Baby.

Instead of following a pattern, I decided to make my own with a base stitch pattern of 100 stitches alternating with single crochet and double crochet. When the blanket reached the length I wanted, I added a border. You can use any yarn with an appropriate hook size. I suggest using a base that is divisible by 4. The rows should also be divisible by 4, but you can make adjustments as you do the base border row to make this happen.

Border: Chain 4 to start and double crochet and chain one in the end of each row and in top of every sc on top and bottom of blanket. At each corner, I did two double crochets and a chain one after each. On the top and bottom, I did a double crochet in every other stitch. When I reached a complete round, I slip stitched to the very first stitch.

Row 2: three dc shell (dc, ch1, dc, ch1, dc) in every other chain 1 space. In the corners I put a shell in every space.

Row 3: 3 dc shell in the center dc of each shell of the previous row.

Row 4: 4 dc shell in the center dc of the first shell from previous row, chain 2, and single crochet in the center of the next shell, chain 2.

Row 5: sc in sc, ch2, dc in first ch 4 shell space, ch 1, 4 dc in center space of shell, ch 1, dc in next space of shell, ch 2 sc in next sc around. Fasten off.

I apologize if you have problems following the pattern and I didn’t really record what I was doing as I went along. I tend to crochet as I write…by the seat of my pants!

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