What Kind of Gift?

Dear Bloggers,

Yesterday morning my heart sank as I noticed the Paramedics pulling up at a neighbor’s house. This family is rather special.

The husband has many health issues as a result of agent orange. He had difficulty with breathing and wheezes terribly when he’s walking or doing any exertion. And he has a heart condition. The wife only went to a few grades of school and doesn’t read. They love animals and at one time the county visited their home because they were overrun with cats and the odors coming from their home were affecting some of the closer neighbors. As a result the county took away a huge number of their cats, leaving only a few.

They feed the feral cats in the neighborhood and the birds and squirrels. Their main entertainment in the summer is sitting on their front deck and watching the happenings on the street. In the winter, their main entertainment is watching television.

The husband is under the care of VA because of his disabilities. The wife has diabetes. She also fell a couple years ago and fractured her eye socket. She has had surgery on her back and cannot walk very well. Her husband pushes her in a wheelchair whenever they leave the home.

So, when I saw the Paramedics I wasn’t sure who was sick. It was the wife who was ill. Her sugar was very low, so they gave her sugared orange juice, but didn’t transport her.

Later in the afternoon, the husband rushed her to the hospital. Her blood sugar had dropped to 30 and she was in very bad shape. They admitted her last night. Her sugar is not stablizing and continues to drop rapidly. They will be running tests to try and pinpoint the main problem.

My heart goes out to them. I could hear the fear in the husband’s voice when he called to update me last night. She has had an intestinal bug, a severe one, and the antibiotics had killed not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria and she was unable to keep anything in her system. Her kidneys are affected, too.

I’ve been pondering what kind of gift I can take to someone who doesn’t read. Flowers are always nice, but they don’t provide entertainment. She loves to work puzzles, but those hospital trays are too small for that!

I do plan to take her a prayer shawl, but I’d like to take another gift as well. If any of you have suggestions, please help! And I’m asking if you will please include this family in your prayers.

Have a wonderful day and may God reveal his presence as you go about your daily routines.




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