Prayer Shawl and Chemo Hat

A very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with a tumor in her lung. The size and placement made it impossible for surgery, but instead they are attacking it with chemo and radiation to shrink it. In several months, they will reassess and hopefully it will have shrunk enough for surgical removal.

My heart was saddened at the news, but her spirit shone so brightly and her faith was so strong, she gave me comfort instead of the other way around. But I knew I had to make her a prayer shawl. I wanted to give it to her before she started her treatments.

Then she informed me she was going to shave her head on Saturday before her chemo began. Since her hair is extremely thick and curly, the doctor said it would be best to shave it instead of having it fall out in clumps. So I asked her if she would like me to crochet her a chemo hat and she said yes.

I busied myself that evening making the hat so I could deliver it the next day with the prayer shawl. Here is a picture of my friend with the shawl and wearing the hat.

Isn’t she beautiful? Her smile is contagious. I’ve never met anyone who could lift my spirits so high and keep me laughing so hard I cry. As I crocheted these items, I prayed for healing and comfort, as I always do. These are the moments that bring me closer to God.

After my friend’s first two treatments she called to tell me how the prayer shawl brought her great comfort during her treatments. And she loves the way the hat fits her so much that I’m making her another one.

When I began this ministry to bring comfort to others, I never realized how much my relationship with God would grow. I am the one blessed by the quiet hours spent in His presence, praying for others while my hands work the yarn into something God-ordained.

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