Where the Heart Is

This morning, since hubby seemed to be having one of his “good” days, I thought about joining my Prayer Shawl group at church for lunch and fellowship. Getting out and spending time with my friends would be relaxing and fortifying. But hubby started feeling a little worse. I checked his blood pressure and it was 89/48 which is VERY LOW. He is so strong and when he says he feels bad, he really feels bad. My decision to leave him alone for an hour or so changed. No way would I leave him when his vitals aren’t good.

The title of my blog says a lot about me. I love and trust in God, first and foremost. I Iove and cherish my husband. I love to crochet prayer shawls to bring blessings and hope to anyone who is going through a rough time. There are a lot of things and people I love. But I believe God is the one who led me to give my heart to the wonderful man I married.

So, today, I will stay home with my beloved man. I can still crochet and pray…have my quiet time with God.

For me the saying is true: “Home is where the heart is.”


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