A Heart like Jesus

My hubby and I are blessed with wonderful neighbors, especially the sweet, Christian family across the street. They are always helping others in need, sharing their love by their actions.

This afternoon, I read a testimony of God working in their lives and asked permission to share. Here is what she wrote:

“So tonight while entering a store with my son, I run into a homeless woman asking for 50 cents to get some food. I didn’t have fifty cents so I gave her a few dollars. She was very appreciative. So I said, what else do you need? She told me that food and propane were the biggest things she needed. I went about my business. While in the sporting goods store buying baseball cleats, I happened upon propane tanks in the camping section. So I bought a few. I delivered them to where she said she was staying, couldn’t find her so I left a note saying that I was praying for her and that a gentleman from my church would be by later this week to see what else we could do for them. Then I felt compelled to drive back by later to make sure she got the propane. As I am talking to her, she says to me, you know we were there for dinner. I said, at my church. She said yes, the three musketeer dinner. Then the light bulb went off. I served her and her husband at my table that night. God began this relationship a month ago at a dinner where I served food, to allow me the opportunity to serve her again this week with heat and a small dinner. Thank you God!!! I feel so honored and extremely blessed to have had this opportunity. With tears in my eyes, I am in AWE of my God right now.”

Talk about having the heart of Jesus! I hope everyone who reads this is inspired to keep their eyes open to see, their ears open to hear, and their hearts open to accept the opportunities God reveals. Remember love IS an action word.


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