Friends Forever

Due to my husband’s illness, most of my time is spent inside our comfortable home. Occasionally, I have lunch with a dear friend. Today was one of those days.

I’m so grateful to God for putting us in the right places at the right times. When I attended a writer’s meeting six years ago, I didn’t know a single soul. However, I read on the writer’s loop about a woman who had slipped on the ice and fallen and wasn’t able to attend the January meeting (a meeting I also had missed). When I heard her name mentioned as she entered the meeting, I recognized her as that woman. Steeling myself not to hide in my shy shell, I approached her and introduced myself and asked about her health after the fall. It wasn’t long until I learned she lives close to me and I offered to drive her to the meetings.

From that, our friendship began. Over the years, we’ve become so close and she is the sister of my heart. We can share anything with each other without fear, and we laugh with each other at very bizarre things. We would never have met if God hadn’t brought us together.

God’s plan for us is always better than anything we might have in mind. He calls us out of our comfort zones to walk unknown paths. Those are the times we must trust Him and hold fast to His promise of having a plan which will never harm us. I am so grateful to Him for all the blessings in my life…today, especially, for the gift of friendship.

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