Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

Today is my granddaughter’s sweet sixteen birthday. Just talked to her on the phone and it was so easy to see she is having a wonderful time.

So hard to believe that she’s grown up so quickly while I am staying the same age. Amazing!

I started a tradition with my grandchildren of taking them to lunch and a movie to celebrate their birthdays. The girls usually choose to spend the night with me, so we make a weekend of it. Unfortunately, I’ve had to postpone celebrating with my sweet sixteen granddaughter due to hubby’s scheduled nuclear stress test on Thursday. Not sure how much this might wear him out.

The fun thing is to see which movie my grandchildren pick to see. Since the ages range from six on up to sixteen and the boys tastes are different from the girls, it’s always an adventure for me. I hope the tradition is something they will remember and recall as being a good time when they are grown and perhaps have children of their own.

I have fond memories of my grandparents which I pull out of my memory box and savor on days when I miss them. This is a legacy I wish to pass down as well. Happy memories.

Time passes quickly, and too often we forget to take the time to show our love by spending quality time with our family members. It doesn’t have to be a long time, sometimes just a few minutes, some shared laughter, an “I love you.” It’s the little things that will be remembered more than the expensive birthday gifts which will soon lose their shine and be broken and lost.

Happy birthday to my beautiful inside and out sweet sixteen granddaughter! I love you!

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