A Snake or a Spider?


Last night I noticed all three of my cats in the downstairs hallway watching “something.” That’s when a healthy respect to keep a distance settled into my bones. When one cat stares at a spot, I’m wary, but all three! Shudder.

I imagined a HUGE spider. I sidestepped into the bathroom and peeked at the area beside the dehumidifier to see what weapon I’d need to kill it before it ate my cats…or me.

To my total shock and surprise, I saw a snake!

The one pictured here is not the snake I saw. It’s a picture of a rather common, but large garter snake sunning itself in a bush next to our pond.

The snake in the basement wasn’t this large. It was about 18 inches long and as big around as my largest finger. Coloring was totally different, no stripes–just irregular shaped large “spots” much like you’d see on a water moccasin. However, these are not common in Ohio. I looked on the internet and found it was a common watersnake.

It was poised to fight and I was afraid the cats would get bit. These little rascals can get aggressive when threatened. I didn’t want to pick it up. Then an idea struck. I went into the basement and grabbed the mechanical fingers. Yep, snatched that little bugger right up. It turned as if to strike at me, wrapped itself around the handle, but the fingers secured it.

I ran up the steps, turned off the burglar alarm (see I was thinking!) and tossed that sucker into the front yard. My only regret is not thinking about taking a picture before ousting it from the house.

I respect snakes and don’t like to kill them. So he will live to bask in the sun around the pond. The issue on my mind is how in the world he got into the house?

We live in a bi-level so the lower level is damp and cooler than the upstairs. However, everything is closed up tight. He couldn’t possibly fit under the door. In searching, I found a small break in the concrete area next to the door…about as big around as a #2 pencil. It leads to the bottom of the outside stairwell.

Guess I’ll have to figure out a way to caulk the area.

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