Take Time to Refresh Yourself

One thing to remember when you are a caregiver is to take time out for yourself. In order to remain strong to do what needs to be done, your mind and spirit need to rejuvenate.

Sometimes, like today, I have lunch with a friend while my hubby takes a nap or watches a movie. I have my cell phone where he can call me if he needs me and I am always within a few minutes of home. But those precious minutes with my friend are uplifting. We talk about things I can’t express to my loved one, we laugh, and sometimes we cry. I always come home refreshed.

My hubby has COPD, but has recently also been diagnosed with a bad heart. His poor heart is damaged from previous heart attacks and it is only pumping at 35% instead of 55%. Thus, he isn’t receiving enough oxygen into his bloodstream. Doing anything, even walking a few steps, makes it difficult for him to breathe. With his dual condition of heart failure and COPD, the doctors have to work closely together to determine the correct medications and treatment.

My hubby is a people person. He has never known a stranger, and he loves to talk! Talking is difficult, too. It take a lot of wind to push the words out at a level others can hear. He struggles and he gets lonely. So do I.

We are blessed to have our time together and make the most of each day.

Here are some tips provided by the American Heart Association to help you keep yourself renewed.

10 tips to refresh yourself


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