"Perfect" Weather

This week is unexpectedly beautiful. Sunshine, blue skies, and temps in the mid to high 70s. Perfect weather for my dear hubby. He is enjoying trips to the back yard to do his beloved yard work.

While it takes him a long time to accomplish a small task, it brings him pleasure and makes his gardening heart happy. Currently he is working on cutting back the ornamental grass around the pond. He sits in a lawn chair with his oxygen tank beside him. He has a large round tub to put the trimmings in. He gets fresh air, a sense of accomplishment and exercise, which is one of the most important pieces of his treatment plan.

Our yard is filled with beautiful landscaping–perennials, knock-out roses, butterfly bushes, lilac bushes, and so much more. Taking care of the yard was always my hubby’s pride and joy. I never did like yard work. I have allergies, am afraid of creepy crawly and flying insects and don’t like getting dirty. As I look out at what used to be a beautiful display of my hubby’s green thumb, I see weeds…so many weeds I want to cry. But I’m working on getting them cleared out and learning how to better take care of the things he and God planted. And, even more important, my hubby is helping.

In a few months, the humidity will rise and the temps will soar. This is a bad time for hubby to be out of the air conditioning. So, we make the best of the times when God gives us “perfect” weather.

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