There is Beauty in Everything

While I was browsing in Hobby Lobby one day, I found some variegated yarn which I thought looked real pretty, so I bought enough to make a prayer shawl. I used the Comfort Prayer Shawl pattern, but as the shawl emerged, I decided I didn’t like the colors together. Something about the small areas of orange and green make it not pleasing to my eyes. However, I know that someone will get comfort from this shawl.

Sometimes people aren’t pleasing to the eye of another human, either, but to God’s eyes we are all beautiful! My shawl is crocheted full of healing prayers of comfort.

Recently our ministry has been delivering a lot of shawls. The need is even greater today than when we started. Knowing I can bring comfort to someone through the gift God has bestowed makes my heart happy.

For myself, last year I made two of those knitted ruffle scarves. They dress up an outfit very nicely. One of the ladies in our choir wanted one, but she doesn’t know how to knit. So I purchased a ball of the yarn and made this one for her. The shades of pink and gray, along with a bit of sparkle, made a beautiful scarf.

I’m working on a peach prayer shawl right now and then I’ll tackle something a bit different. Some people donated yarn to our ministry. There were partially made items. I took a panel in an ivory yarn which was probably meant to be an afghan. It is the perfect length for a prayer shawl. Now I’m adding a border to it, to widen it. The only issue is there won’t be enough of the ivory yarn to complete enough border, so I’ll have to find a different color to finish it off. A challenge since I don’t have any pattern to follow, but I do like a challenge.

More pics when these are finished.

Oh, and I have only four more afhans to complete to finish my grandchildren project. Hope to have these last four finished by Christmas this year.

What are you working on? I love to hear from others who are using their gifts as a ministry!

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