A Fun Challenge

Our Prayer Shawl Group received donations of yarn from congregation members. Mostly these were bits and pieces, one or two skeins, and not enough to make a full shawl.

In one bag was an ivory colored afghan panel someone had made. Just one strip. There was only a partial skein of the yarn in the bag. As I looked at it, I decided it might make a good shawl as it was, with the addition of a border. The challenge was to decide what I could do with the small amount of yarn.

I started with a single crochet around the entire piece, then added a half-double crochet row. I hoped this would keep the shawl from curling. Next I did a single crochet, chain 3, skipped a stitch, sc in the next stitch on the long side. On the next row, I did a three double crochet, picot, three double crochet in each chain 3 space. I had just enough yarn.

This picture shows the shawl folded. It is 64″ x 16″ I would have liked it to be about 20 inches…just not enough yarn!

I think it turned out pretty good, and I hope someone will be blessed in receiving it.

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