Yard Work with COPD

dsc02485Hubby finished trimming the ornamental grass and helped with weeding this section of the garden around the pond. It took us three days, but all the weeding is now complete, and I put down nearly 100 bags of mulch around the gardens, both front and back yard areas.

After a couple days spent outdoors doing some physical work, hubby’s oxygen levels were good and his spirits were great!

Now we can relax and enjoy the back yard before the weather gets hot. He can sit on the deck and do his nebulizer, read the paper, and enjoy meals while looking at how beautiful all his hard work over the years has produced.

We are both strong in our faith and believe God never gives us more than we can handle. And we know we are not walking this path alone. At times He is carrying us.

Being a caregiver to someone with COPD and/or heart disease can be very exhausting both mentally and physically. You must learn as much as possible, and be sure to take time for yourself.

You can find some interesting FAQs for COPD caregivers here.


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