Fancy Shells Wrap Prayer Shawl

I found some lovely Caron yarn in a beautiful shade I think of as orange sherbet. Decided I wanted to make a pretty shawl, so I logged into and searched for their “one pound” free crochet patterns.

I found one called “Fancy Shells Wrap.

This is the result. I really like the way it turned out. It is 32 inches wide and 72 inches long. And I learned a new way of doing the foundation row. I’d always done a standard foundation chain and worked the first row on the chains.

With this technique I worked a foundation chain and a row of half double crochet stitches in one. Worth getting the pattern just to learn the technique. The project is done in a pattern of 9 rows. It was a bit confusing to begin, but I soon learned how the rows repeated. I would not recommend this for beginning crocheters.

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