Planting and Nurturing

Our yard has been a work in progress. We decided to get rid of the ground cover around the pond, but I didn’t want to add more perennials. I knew hubby was eager to add to the vacant area, so we compromised with hanging pots, one on either side of the walkway. I love the heart planter, which you can’t see too well in this picture. It has purple flowers hanging inside. On the right side of the walkway, we have yellow flowers on the shepherd’s crook.

Hubby had been wanting to plant moss roses in the tiered planter he built a few years ago. We were lucky enough to find mixed colors in two flats.

Hubby had been eagerly looking forward to sitting in his chair outdoors and planting them on Friday morning. However, as the morning progressed, he began to suffer severely from shortness of breath. When he said he had to be realistic and he wouldn’t be able to plant the flowers, I knew we needed to head to VA.

 The nurses were very concerned as just standing and turning to sit on the bed caused extreme breathing difficulties. The nurse turned his oxygen up to three from two and that seemed to stabilize him.  A chest X-ray showed no fluid in his lungs and no change from the last X-ray on record. 

His cardiologist said hubby is taking all the right medications, and basically there is nothing else that can be done. He changed his prescription on oxygen to three, though. Doctor said the erratic accelerated heart rate is caused by his heart going out of rhythm, but with hubby’s current health, there is no option availabe. We are not to worry unless it gets very high…200. So far it is in the very low 100’s and drops back to normal within a few minutes.

Hubby is doing much better now. I also changed the time he takes one of his meds to stop the drastic dropping of BP. Yesterday it was 71 over 46! Today his BP is normal.

I planted the moss roses for him. Though I have never been a gardener, I take joy in doing what I can to showcase the beauty from all the years of hubby’s planting and nurturing. Today I have become the nurturer.

Oh…can you find the cat in the first picture?

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