Sunshine After the Storm

When grief squeezes my heart, there is comfort near. Templeton jumps into my lap and gives me a loving, sympathetic look. He purrs and butts his head into my hand, arm, and chest. When I’m over the tears, he settles nearby and keeps a close watch over me.

With the support and understanding of family and friends, my life is settling into a new kind of normal. This week I babysat for three of my grandchildren. Children bring laughter, love and a unique perspective on life. I experienced many moments of belly laughter as we played and talked together.

Today storms are predicted and already we had one pass through bringing thunder and rain. The sun is shining again now, but there are more storms expected.

Life brings ups and downs and storms…some last for a short time and others are harsh and bring unexpected changes. God created each of us to be adaptable. Faith, hope, and love will bring us through. No matter what happens, we are never alone.

There are so many blessings in my life. The Lord has been gracious and merciful. Even in the midst of the latest storm, He didn’t abandon me. As the sun breaks through the clouds, dissipating the rain, I see hope in the day. Each day brings a new hope, a new opportunity, a new blessing.

In the still, quiet moments, He speaks to me. I need only to have my eyes, ears, and heart open to receive His message.

Today I’m sitting here with my laptop writing from my heart to yours. God has given me a gift to write and  I am placing my trust in the path He has provided. There are stories to tell, new characters to meet, and opportunities to share God’s heart in written words.


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