Squirrels Need to Eat, Too

This is one small part of my Big Boy tomato plant. If you look closely, you’ll see one small green tomato. Only one!!!

The rest of the tomatoes on the once fully loaded plant have “disappeared.” I did find one of the largest…bigger than my palm…green and hard with the entire top eaten off lying in the grass. Sigh. That’s the day I noticed the plant had only a few left.

Two days ago, I found a nice sized one which was beginning to show signs of ripening on the bottom…yesterday it was gone. Pffft!

I believe squirrels are raiding my plants. I have a Celebrity plant next to the Big Boy and it has no sign of any tomatoes now. It, too, had several small ones growing. I’ve thought about trying to transplant them into pots and put them on my patio, but I fear they will die completely.

I have five outdoor “semi-feral” cats. You’d think they’d scare the squirrels away! Nope. They would rather spend the day resting among the bushes and flowers. I’m to blame. Yes, it’s true. I keep them well-fed.


I was so excited with the possibility of harvesting tomatoes, especially since my late husband had chosen these plants. He loved growing tomatoes. He hated squirrels…rats with fuzzy tails is what he called them. He always threatened to get a BB gun and shoot them.


I can’t find it in me to be cruel to any animal…not even pesky squirrels.

God provided the tomatoes. Perhaps He meant them to feed the furry rascals. A trip to the local farmer’s market might be in store.

Wishing you a day of blessings and love!

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