Wednesday I attended the Ohio State Fair with two of my granddaughters. I hadn’t been to the fair in quite a few years. My husband and I attended last on the fair’s 150th birthday.

With great excitement, my beautiful granddaughters and I headed to the fairgrounds under a heavily clouded sky not worrying at all about whether or not it would rain. We knew there would be plenty of places to get out of the weather and besides who doesn’t like to play in the rain?

Determined not to lose track of where we’d parked I looked at the sign: Row 2 on a periwinkle background. Easy enough to remember. First we hurried to hop on the shuttle wagon. That’s probably where we had the most fun of the day. The gal who was directing everyone onto the shuttle had a great sense of humor and a loud (necessary) voice. She began chanting: “Don’t forget where you are parked! YELLOW THIRTEEN!!” Over and over again we heard this. People were chuckling. The girls were giggling. So I called out, “Not me! I’m parked in Periwinkle 2!” Laughter surrounded us! Not to let me get ahead, she called out, “You’re parked in YELLOW TWELVE!!” So from then on we heard, “Don’t forget where you’re parked! YELLOW THIRTEEN! YELLOW TWELVE!!”

We arrived at the entrance knowing we wouldn’t forget where we were parked.

But from there on, the fair was disappointing. There were no good entertainment acts performing on the grounds. And those wonderful tents along the walks with T-shirts, hats, and other goodies? Non-existent. Only food wagons. Lots and lots of food wagons…all offering the same thing…or a replica. Sigh.

We walked through the Rhodes Building “Marketplace”. There were a few shops with jewelry, hair clips and such. I bought each of the girls some neat hair thing-a-ma-bobs and braided necklaces. One ventured to have her handwriting analysis done and another took a distracted driving simulation test. But most of the vendors were selling big price items like mattresses, pillows, alarm systems, etc. Boring.

We grabbed some junk food to eat and sat at a picnic table. Lucky there was a family group performing some classic rock and roll hits. The best part was the little guy (maybe six years old) playing the drums. He could even toss the drumstick in the air and catch it and never lose the beat. Then their performance ended and our food did, too.

We enjoyed a few more attractions, but I’ll post those pics on a blog tomorrow. Mainly because they are on my phone and I’m settled with my laptop in the kitchen…too lazy to go down to my office and upload them to my main computer.

That is what we writers call a hook…

Hope you have a fabulous day, friends.


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