A Working Fireplace? Yes and No.

Not sure why, but I have developed a fear of outdoor gas grills and burning a fire in my fireplace. Maybe it’s because of the years my sweet hubby was on oxygen and we had to be extra cautious.

I no longer own a gas grill, but I do have the fireplace my hubby built into our family room. With an idea my daughter gave me, I did some searching on how people changed their fireplaces by adding candles. I didn’t want to do anything drastic (would like to maintain having a working fireplace), so I decided candles might work. No mirrored backgrounds (which I would like to have incorporated…you know, the working fireplace must remain…blah, blah).

I cleaned out the fireplace and grate then put the grate back in place. I added some vanilla spice potpourri on the floor under the grate and inside the grate as well. Next, a three wick candle and two tier candles, also in vanilla spice scent.

Now I can “burn” the fireplace creating a nice ambiance. I like to sit in the family room in the evenings to watch a movie and crochet. Now it is a comforting place to be, plus it smells great!

My prayer for today: “Dear Father, Please let my grief and suffering lead to a new life of bringing comfort and happiness to others, and let it all be to Your glory. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

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