Blessing Baskets

This is a picture of my “blessing basket.”

I started it to remind myself that even though I’m dealing with grief, God provides blessings at all times. No matter how low I may feel, my heart is lifted with the hope He provides. He loves me.

Anyone can start a blessing basket. Even when you go through hard circumstances, there are small blessings we receive daily. By documenting them on a slip of paper and storing them in a basket, you have the reassurance that God continues to provide.

My basket is pretty plain right now. Next to it are slips of paper cut into strips along with a pen. I plan to decorate the basket with butterflies and flowers or something pretty and light-hearted. The possibilities are endless.

I hope you will consider starting your own blessing basket. If you do, please send a picture to me and I’ll post it on a new page I’m starting on this website called “Blessing Baskets.” Just fill out the contact form and I’ll respond with an email address you can use to send the picture.

Wishing you a blessed day!

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