Throughout my life there have been many “firsts.” A first birthday, first day of school, first boyfriend, first kiss…

Most of my firsts have been good ones.

What follows in my future will be some sad firsts.

Today is my first “Labor Day” without my beloved husband, Ron.

There will be other firsts without him: his birthday, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, our anniversary, New Year’s Eve…

The first year without him is going to be difficult. So will the second year and every one thereafter. Grief is a constant. Though grief will always be a part of me now, I can bear it and look forward to each new day. God has a plan for me. He does not abandon me.

New opportunities await. Even the opportunity of widowhood. I can walk the path as others have done. It isn’t the path I would have chosen, but it is the path God has chosen for me. I will take each step with hope and trust. I am not alone.



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