Fudge – For a Friend

When I started looking for a picture of fudge in my cookbooks, I couldn’t find a single one. That should be a clue to warn me away from my goal of creating fudge today. Why? Because my excuse is making the yummy temptation for a friend. Yeah, sure, I promised her I’d return the container of beans she gave me filled with fudge…black walnut fudge. But the reality is I really am craving FUDGE!

The recipe I use is foolproof, no runny or overdone confection. The only drawback is the beating. Yes, I know it’s exercise and I need exercise to burn off an itty bit of the calories I’ll consume while preparing and after completion.

Actually I will need to triple my time on the treadmill and that might, just might, help.

Oh, who cares? I love FUDGE!



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