Three Completed Prayer Shawls

For the past few months I haven’t posted anything on my prayer shawl ministry blog, so today I’ll try to catch up.  Just before my husband went home with Jesus I had two requests. One for a lady who lived in a very small town and had no access for a prayer shawl. She was alone and facing aggressive chemo treatment for triple negative breast cancer. My heart went out to her, so with her favorite color and pattern chosen from my website, I made her a lavender prayer shawl and chemo hat. I actually finished it after my husband’s funeral and mailed it to her. Didn’t think to capture a picture of the completed project, but here is a snapshot of the shawl in progress. Sending this to her and knowing it might bring her comfort, helped to comfort my own grief.

Also, I had a request from a dear friend at church to make a baby blanket for her niece. The only requirements, it needed to be finished by the first of August, be pink, and not “full of holes where the baby’s fingers would get stuck. LOL! About two weeks after the funeral, I remembered this request. So I hustled out and bought some beautiful baby pink yarn and found a new pattern book by Leisure Arts “So Sweet Baby Afghans.” The picture on the cover drew me to purchase it. I failed to take a picture of the completed project. It was a rush to finish it on time! The blanket turned out gorgeous. I didn’t put the ribbons into the edging around the border because it wouldn’t be practical for washing. The blanket was a huge hit. Sorry the only picture I can share is of the book itself.

Several weeks ago, I met with a long-time friend for lunch. She brought me a large bag filled with Red Heart cream colored yarn she’d bought to make an afghan, then decided it was too ambitious a project and she would never use it. She thought by giving it to me to make prayer shawls, it would bring her comfort.

I decided to use it to make the triangular prayer shawl from the Leisure Arts “The Prayer Shawl Ministry” book. This is a pattern I’ve made many, many times. I believe I’m going to buy some other colors in the Red Heart yarn and make a couple rows near the border in a different color, just to change it up a bit. I might also make some with the border done in a different color. I have a LOT of yard to use up!

The last prayer shawl I made didn’t turn out as well I’d like. I had purchased skeins of Yarn Bee Soft Secret yarn in yellow, lavendar, and green. There were three skeins of each color.

I browsed through the Caron website at and found a pattern for a Friendship Shawl using Simply Soft. Since the yarn is similar in texture, I gave it a try. However, as it turned out I didn’t have enough of the yarn to make the ends with the fringe, so I modified a bit. Also it didn’t turn out as wide as I would have liked. I think I may try to use the Red Heart Worsted Weight and modify the number of stitches to see how that turns out. I do love the pattern.

So that catches you up on what I’ve been doing lately…well except for the afghans I’m still trying to complete for my grandkids. I have three and a half to go before I can hand them out. Still hoping to find enough time to get them completed by Christmas…but that is a lofty goal!

God bless!

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