Live, Laugh, Love

Photo-Sep-23-7-49-15-AM-e1379942597511-225x300Do you remember how it was to be twelve on the verge of turning thirteen? I really don’t. I only hope my spirit was as lovely as that of my granddaughter.

She is so lovely…and lively! No way can you be around her and not laugh and find joy. Part little kid, part teenager…a perfect combination.

We laugh at the silliest things. In fact, I found myself giggling like I was a kid again, too!

We spent the day crafting. I taught her how to crochet a ruffle scarf. She’s so bright. Caught on right away and had the scarf finished before our movie ended on Saturday evening.

Sunday morning was spent in church followed by brunch with some of my church friends. Of course, my granddaughter brought her mini tablet to entertain herself because listening to “old” ladies talk is a bit boring for anyone her age.

Before she left yesterday, she decorated my blessing basket. I have so many warm memories of our weekend and look forward eagerly to the next time we can do this. My heart is overflowing with love as I think about what a beautiful young lady she is becoming.

Oh, and she informed me she wants to go to Hawaii for her honeymoon, and she’ll bring me along. When I said that might not be appropriate, her response was “The Brady Bunch took all their kids on the honeymoon, so why can’t I take my grandma? It’s better than having all those kids to watch!!”

And with that, dear hearts, I close for the day.



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