The Old Blue Flannel Jacket

Every person has a unique scent. Not that of perfume or aftershave, but something as individual as DNA.

My husband would splash on aftershave before we’d go out for a special evening or event. I’m smiling remembering how good he smelled. It was only after he was called home to Jesus that I longed for the scent of him, not artificial bottles of manly “smell good.”

His towel still hangs on a rod in the bathroom. I can breathe in his scent after a shower.

Some people might call me crazy, but I’ve kept the quilted flannel jacket he wore most of the time. I may never wash it because his scent is embedded. I can close my eyes and inhale the part of him he’s left behind.

Cats have a heightened sense of smell. They can pick up a new scent among many others. If you love a cat, I know you’ve been given a sniff test more than once! Though we don’t always realize it, we, too, can identify more than baking bread, apple pie, or a skunk’s unique odor.

It is my opinion that we pick and choose what lingers in our memories. Sometimes we don’t realize it until a time when we need it most.

Wishing you a day of lovely scents and a happy heart.



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