The Strength of a Woman

God made women to be strong enough to bear pain, emotional pain and physical pain. Through childbirth, we learn that some of our greatest blessings come through pain. During the hardest trials of our lives, others look at us and say “she’s a strong woman.”

So many times I’ve heard that said about me. God gave me the strength to move on and to show a brave face to the world, so that I might be a beacon of hope.

Am I strong?

In the quiet of my home, I can let the tears flow. I cry out to God for His strength to get me through. Without Him I can do nothing. The pain I feel is sometimes so intense I fear I will never recover. A broken heart is slow to heal. Sometimes scabs break loose and the pain intensifies.

I am strong.

God prepared me for such a time as this. For three and a half years, He gave me strength to be a cheerful and grateful caregiver. There were times when I retreated to a quiet place to cry and to rest in the arms of Jesus. He comforted me and revived me. He gave me strength.

Through my pain, the LORD has given me a heart to reach out to others who are suffering. He gives me the strength to pray, wipes away my tears, and urges me to continue ministering in whatever small way I can. An email. A Facebook post. A prayer shawl. A hug. A prayer. A phone call. A card.

I am a strong woman, through the grace of God.


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