Time or God?

Time heals.

This is something everyone has heard at least one time during their life. Usually when something painful happens. Like the loss of a loved one.

This isn’t true. Time doesn’t heal. God does.

It’s been a little over four months since I lost my beloved soulmate, my husband of more than 33 years. At first the reality wasn’t real. So many things to do. Busy days and exhaustion granting sleep at night.

Later, when everyone went back to their normal lives, I struggled to find my new normal. There were times when I lost myself in grief and cried out to God for his mercy and healing. During those times, He was the only One who could calm my fear and my hurt.

Time has passed and I’m slowly adjusting to my new normal. God still has plans for me. Because of my belief in Jesus Christ and faith in God’s promises, I move through the days with hope and a positive outlook.

Yes, healing comes through Jesus Christ, not the passing of time.

There are people who struggle for months and years with the loss of a loved one. They dwell in the loss, making it a personal thing. Time will not heal their hurt and pain. Their only hope is in turning to Jesus and allowing Him to carry the burden.

We are not meant to be on earth forever. This is only our temporary home. Death is but a shedding of our earthly body, but our spirit moves on to our real home, our forever home with Jesus. Those who believe will heal and know one day they will step from this life to be reunited with those who moved on before them.

I can honestly say I don’t know how I would have moved past the loss without having my church family, my faith, and the Holy Spirit filling me to overflowing.

There are times when I shed a tear because I miss my husband, but they are not tears of despair. I smile through the tears because I know he has received God’s promise.


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