Two to Go!

I must apologize to all my followers on my crochet ministry blog. Christmas is coming quickly this year and I have two afghans to finish before the 20th of December! This means the beautiful stashes of yarn reserved for my prayer shawls must wait.

Truthfully, I have been working on eleven afghans for almost three years. They kept getting pushed aside for the prayer shawls I felt called to create.

Looking forward to 2014 as a new year and new patterns to work on. Please be patient. I love you all and appreciate the many emails I receive asking for specific patterns. As I create new ones in the upcoming year, I’ll include links to where you can purchase the patterns.

For any interested in afghans, the one pattern I’ve been using is found on page 20 in a Leisure Arts book “Birthstone Afghans” by Carole Prior. This book has 12 beautiful patterns, one for each month and the pictured afghans are made in the birthstone colors! I’m making mine using my grandchildren’s favorite color (at the time I began). Unfortunately, kids change their favorite colors as often as Carrie Underwood when hosting the CMA Awards show!!

Thank you for your loyalty, dear crochet friends!



Two to Go! — 2 Comments

  1. Could you please advise me where I could purchase the pattern for the “Comfort”
    prayer shawl. Thank you. Is the name of the book called “Annie’s Attic Prayer Shawl
    2 pattern book? I have tried several places on internet but no one has that particular
    named book.

  2. Looks as if the book is no longer in print. I found this link on Amazon, but it looks like you’d be buying from a third party…used books.

    Dee, I searched for Bendy Carter and found the entry on the Ravelry site, but since she sold the pattern to Annie’s Attic I guess she isn’t showing it on the site any longer. So sorry.
    The basic pattern calls for half double crochets, but you crochet three stitches in the back bar of each hdc and three stitches in the front bar of each hdc. I’ve been searching for my book and can’t find it! Yikes! I may have given it to my daughter who lives in Wisconsin. So sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
    Blessings, Carol Ann

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