Footprints in the Snow

dsc02901This morning I’m sitting here watching the snowflakes flitter in front of the windows, painting the tree branches like icing, frosting the rooftops, blanketing the ground. There’s something about snow that makes my heart happy. The snow is white, pristine, and changes my dreary view into a beautiful winter wonderland.

It’s an appropriate view to this day of saying goodbye to 2013 and anticipating the new year of 2014. Many people look at the new year as a new beginning. A time to set resolutions for changing their life for the better. Yes, I, too, have things I want to change in the upcoming year. Some are personal goals for a healthier lifestyle, some are writing goals.

The new year stretches before me like a clean slate waiting for chalk marks to track the paths I will follow. Each choice will create a mark, like a footprint in the snow.

Once the choice is made, a new path is forged. I might come to a crossroads and have to choose again based upon my personal journey. Choices are about having faith and hope, about pursuing dreams and believing.

The end of the year is a time for reflecting back on past choices, looking at the footprints left behind. It’s about learning, and growing, and trusting in God.

The new year awaits each of us. May your footprints lead you on a wonderful path of discovery and blessings, and may you be a blessing to many.

Happy New Year!


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