I Dream of Birds

Once hubby and I would sit on our deck in the spring and summer while enjoying a variety of beautiful birds visiting the feeders. I’ve missed that over the past seven to eight years because of the feral cats we began to care for.

Now there are only a few cats who wander into the yard to dine on the food I offer. The shelter house rarely is used. Most of the animals have wandered across the street to shelter under and on the neighbor’s front deck. My neighbors are truly “cat” people. At one time the humane society came and took numerous cats out of their house and told them they had to get rid of all but six! Can you imagine? I have three indoor cats and they are all neutered and spayed. They are 10 years old now. I dread the day I have to say goodbye to them. But I know when that time comes, another cat will be rescued to take their place.

But I dream of birds. One day, soon, I will be able to enjoy the deck along with my indoor cats while we watch birds come into our yard to feed. Their songs will bring joy and smiles. Cardinals, blue jays, chickadees, doves, finches…

I want to have a yard where birds can sing and feel safe. Where the bird house hubby built, with multiple rooms, are filled with babies. But that brings another issue. Bird seed falls and creates unwanted weeds in the garden.

But still…I dream of birds!


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