Prayer Shawl Goals for 2014

Excuse me while I laugh. I just looked at the title for this blog post and it said Prayer Shawl Goals for 2914. Oh my! I sure don’t want to establish goals nine hundred years in the future!

Seriously, I wanted to establish a goal for adding prayer shawls to our ministry at church. I also want to leave time to crochet or knit something personal as gifts for others…and for myself. I love the ruffled scarves and have several, but would like to make more. They’re fun and easy to do in a night.

My prayer shawl goals are to make one each month. I’m also challenging myself to try new patterns. This month, however, I’m already working on another Naomi prayer shawl, but using worsted weight yarn…skeins left over from the afghans I made last year.

You’ll be hearing more from me and pictures will be posted as each is completed…and maybe some in progress.

Happy crocheting,

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