Website Design for the Panic-Stricken

Today I decided to update my website with a new design. I found an old template from a few years ago and decided to click it to see if I could make changes. I did not expect it to change my site immediately back to that old design! I lost everything I had updated design-wise as far as “widgets” go.

If this ever happens to you:

1. Do not panic.

2. Do not cry.

3. Do not scream.

4. Do not hold your breath!

None of the above are productive and can be harmful to your health!


1. Take a deep breath.

2. Say a quick prayer.

3. Look for the old template (which in my case was a generic one provided by WordPress).

4. Pray.

4. Choose the template you want and PREVIEW it.

5. Pray.

6. Apply the template.

7. Pray.

8. Begin making the administrator changes with widgets and new color choices.

9. Pray.

10. Design a new header and upload it.

11. Pray, giving a big thank you to God for giving you the skills to fix!

And, now, I’ll log out of my website, with gratitude and thankfulness that all was not lost after all!


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