It's Magic!

Today’s blog is a little different for me. I purchased a software program called Dragon which allows me to talk and my words are turned into text. I have been looking at this for some time, but the price was just too high.

Not long ago, I noticed on Amazon the software was drastically reduced, and within my price range. So many times when I’m writing, my upper shoulders get sore from muscles tightening up. I thought this software might help with that problem and allow me to walk around and think, close my eyes and visualize the scene, and be productive. Hopefully, more productive than I have been as I’m renewing my focus on writing beginning this year.

I was amazed at how quickly the software was able to determine my voice and words and accurately type them. In fact, I am writing this blog without touching my keyboard.

Woo hoo! I am loving this new writing tool.

Thought I would share this for the writers who follow this blog and might be interested.

I’m positive as I become more accustomed to writing in this way, I will be cranking out more pages. I could never type as fast as this does. It’s my thought process now that needs to get faster!



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