Busy Family Bonding Time

Sunday evening dinners have become a new tradition in our family. My children all lead very busy lives with their jobs and children, many of them playing sports or school activities. But, as one of my daughters told me, “We still have to cook for our kids!”

So keeping that in mind, it seems a perfect way to bring the family closer together…create a bonding that wasn’t available except for holidays.

My heart is blessed and warmed each time we meet and gather to share food, laughter, and closeness. Our family is a large, extended family with many living out of state. Still with the ones living around the central Ohio area, we average 13 to 19 people on Sundays. The family room downstairs has become the football viewing area and a place where the little kids play. Upstairs is usually the females and the guys who venture upstairs to see what all the laughter is about!!

We’ve tried many different “meal ideas,” but have settled on pot luck theme meals, which works out no matter how many can come. Assigning specific items to people didn’t work as well. So with the idea of “themes,” families can bring anything they want to share and we’ll have fun with it. This coming Sunday we are doing “roadkill.”

No, seriously, not really roadkill, but whatever they bring to share will be given a unique roadkill kind of name. I just hope the little ones don’t get grossed out and think they’re really eating “possum stew!”

I believe the family that gathers together is one that loves and nurtures, growing closer in heart.




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Busy Family Bonding Time — 4 Comments

  1. Just to tell you I think this is a super idea. We started this months ago and then when R got really sick we failed to continue. I’ll bring up the idea again and see how it goes.
    One daughter is nearby another in Hillsboro so it means some driving on their part. I don’t mind doing some cooking and don’t think the do either. Plus I need to see all of them more.
    Hugs, Barb
    SO enjoyed the book you gave me. My daughter is reading now and seeing what I am going through. I’m reading two others now. Both Christian based.

    • I’m glad you are implementing this again, Barbara. I believe as mothers it is our responsibility to bring our families close together. For widows, like us, it also brings healing for our grief, and for the grieving of our family members. I’m so glad the book has brought you comfort!
      Carol Ann

  2. Such a beautiful idea and great bonding for all ages. I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and we have quite a bit in common. I love to crochet, just completed my third and last with Homespun yarn and looking for new patterns using DK or worsted. Just ordered some new crochet pattern books from Amazon for ideas. I have always chosen basic hat, scarf, baby blanket patterns and look forward to branching out to more difficult patterns. I love all the Prayer Shawls that you make and you are a great inspiration to me in so many ways. My hubby is going through much of what your dear husband did. Hugs.

    • Hi Betty Lou,
      First, thank you for following my blog. I am so very sorry your husband has difficulties. I know how hard this can be for both of you. I hope you cherish all your moments together and make beautiful memories.
      Oh, my! You used Homespun yarn? I tried that for one prayer shawl and it was so unfriendly to work with. I commend you! I just love to crochet. It fills in the hours when I’m sitting to watch television. My husband used to ask, “Don’t you ever relax?” I tried to make him understand that it was relaxing for me.
      Seems we do have quite a bit in common. I’m so glad you decided to comment.
      Carol Ann

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