I Am Who I Am Because…

Buffy in Basket

The Lord gave me a tender heart. I cry over Hallmark commercials, Hallmark movies, seeing a new baby, seeing someone suffering, and for the feral cats who have no homes. Questioning why He has made me this way would be fruitless. I am who I am because of Him, who is I am.

Two nights ago I cried when the nightly news showed a poor cat who had been abandoned with another on a woman’s porch. One of the cats died. The other’s ears looked terrible. Swollen and open bloody skin. Frostbitten. The cat weighed only five pounds. The vet will have to remove the ears, but the animal will retain hearing. I bowed my head to say a prayer for all the animals without shelter from the harsh, arctic blasts spreading across our states.

There is one semi-feral in my back yard. He’s a beautiful, fluffy, light buff color. He purrs when he sees me come out to feed him. There is a shelter under the deck which is filled with comforters and lined with foam insulation to keep out some of the cold. He prefers not to go inside, but lies on top. He limps when he walks on the cold, ice-covered cement patio. But he touches my arm and purrs, begging for a gentle touch. His whiskers are frostbitten. This morning I found him curled into a ball on the deck banister where the sun touched his fur. Steam came from his nostrils into the minus 8 degree air.

Oh, how I wished I could bundle him up and bring him inside. But I can’t. I have three ten-year-old cats who have never been allowed outside. I can’t chance them catching any diseases or mites. But my heart kept tugging as I watched this poor little cat.

Finally I found a heavy basket and lined it completely with a towel. I took this out to the deck landing, lifted the little guy and placed him inside. I petted him and he purred so loudly, looking at me with grateful eyes. When he was comfortable with the basket, I slipped back inside and watched. He eventually settled down inside. It was the best I could do.

And, yes, I’m shedding a few tears now because that is the best I can do.

I am who I am because of Him, who is I am.


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