What Do You Do When You Finish a Sudoku?

Sudoku Five BoxI love doing Sudoku puzzles. My hubby used to clip the one in the Sunday newspaper for me. I loved the challenge of the interlocking boxes!

I’d work on it while sitting in the living room just to be near him. Though I tried many times to teach him how to do Sudoku, he just couldn’t quite grasp the concept.

When I finished the puzzle, I’d cheer. At first, he checked it against the solution to make sure it was right. One day he asked me what I did with them when I finished.

You should have seen his face when I told him I threw them away! He said I should keep them. That was my guy. He never tossed anything. I asked what use they could ever be, and he said “Just a keepsake. If I finished one of those, I’d frame it.”

During the last year, I had stored all the puzzles, unworked, in a Guideposts magazine. The last thing on my mind during 2013 was working puzzles. Yesterday I pulled out that magazine and one of the puzzles, shown above. Now when I work them, I can remember him and how he never ceased to cut these out for me.

What a guy!





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