Easy Prayer Shawl Instructions

There are so many ways to make prayer shawls. This ministry has grown over the past 15 years and many churches have now picked up the practice. The making of a prayer shawl requires a heart for giving and comforting.

Our church group experiments with many different patterns. We each use the skills God gave us to create shawls to give away to those who are in need. While you are making your shawl, you should pray for the person who will receive it. Sometimes you might know who you are making it for, but other times the shawl will be added to the stash in your group and given when a need arises. No matter, praying is the heart of the prayer shawl.

If you are looking for an easy to make prayer shawl in either crochet or knit, I recommend visiting this site: Shawl Ministry.

This month I am working on a black prayer shawl and I’m going to use the crochet pattern shown on the site.

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Easy Prayer Shawl Instructions — 3 Comments

  1. I am working on a Prayer Shawl as we speak. I had four skeins of rather rough yarn and didn’t know what pattern to use, tried several, finally decided on a simple Granny Shawl. Will give it a wash when completed to see if it softens. Haven’t tried the original PS pattern, think that may have been a better choice. Anxious to see yours! How is it working with black?

    • Hi Betty Lou! I love granny squares! Not that I like to do them because I don’t like having to sew them all together at the end. I have a friend who makes beautiful granny square clothing. I modified the pattern a tiny bit by changing the row of single crochet in the pattern to half double crochet. This gives me the “three” in each stitch and I often repeat, “Father, Son, Holy Ghost” as I’m crocheting. This one is turning out pretty good, but solid black is not a easy for me to work with as other colors. Eyesight, I guess! I’m using worsted weight 4 and K crochet hook on 60 stitches. The pattern works up quickly. Will post pictures upon completion.

  2. Hi Tom, Sorry I missed seeing this post. Tracey is such a beautiful person and I enjoy visiting with her in our Prayer Shawl group. Your daughters are so talented. Encourage Rhayna to pursue her writing passion. As we spoke in church there are many different writing markets, and each author has a unique voice. She should follow her heart and use her God-given talents in whatever ways she sees best. These words were spoken to me by a mentor long ago and I keep them taped to my monitor. See you in church!

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