Dear Lord, Would You…?

My Valentine

Dear Lord,

Today is Valentine’s Day. Another “first” day without my beloved husband. I shed a few tears this morning because he wasn’t beside me in bed, or sitting at his spot in the kitchen, or in his recliner in the living room. I miss him. Not just on special days, but every day.

I suppose tears will always come unexpectedly. Part of me will always be missing him. You brought us together, Lord. You gave us wonderful, loving, healing years. You answered prayers and stood beside us through the storms, bringing us through stronger in spirit and love.

I know there is no mourning or tears or pain for him now. That makes my grief more bearable. Lord, if it brings him joy, would you please let him know I’m doing okay and that my love is forever? He is my valentine.

I’ve been thinking, Lord, about how his feet always hurt and how I sent him to you without shoes, wearing his favorite Ohio State socks handmade by our daughter. Lord, his feet are tender and also ticklish. Could you make sure he is walking on soft ground?

And if it is possible, please give him a hug from me on this Valentine’s day, and let him know he is forever in my heart.

I love You, Lord.




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