Hey, Mountain, You're in my Way!

MountainLately I’ve been thinking about the scripture (Matthew 17:20-21) where Jesus says that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains.

There was a time in my life where I took the scripture literally, thinking I didn’t have enough faith because I couldn’t move that mountain. But Jesus always spoke to us in parables. He didn’t mean that I could walk up to that mountain and say “move” and it would shift positions.

But that mountain can be moved by faith. Too often I think faith alone will let me control circumstances in my life. Jesus didn’t tell us to sit idly, pray and have faith and all things would be would be done for us. He meant for us to have the faith and trust in God and to listen to God’s directions. Then take action.

Mountains are moved one stone at a time, one barrel of dirt at a time. When circumstances move us into a place where we don’t know how we’ll survive, that’s when faith (even as small as a mustard seed) can work miracles. We need to pray and give the heavy burden to the Lord, then wait for God’s direction. Sometimes He will move us into action, and sometimes He sends an unexpected angel to help.

We cannot do anything without God. But with Him, we can move mountains. Impossible obstacles can be overcome. Not by our will, but by God’s will. One stone at a time. God uses the mountains in our life to deepen our faith and prepare us for a future only He knows.

I no longer think, “I can move this mountain,” because I can’t. But I have faith and hope and trust in God. If I ask, He will show me how to move the mountain. And with the Lord by my side and His Angel Army behind me, anything is possible!




Hey, Mountain, You're in my Way! — 2 Comments

  1. Your messages are alway so uplifting, thank you for sharing them. We all have those mountains at different times in our lives, sometimes I believe God tells me not to move them but just find a way to go around.
    On another note, finished the pink shawl using the original Prayer Shawl Ministry pattern, I needed something fast and easy to use up this scratchy yarn. After washed and a little Downey it is presentable. Started another using a pattern from the book Prayer Shawl Companion using Vanna’sChoice, like it much better. Still haven’t found the perfect yarn that is readily available at a good price but do like Deborah Norville’s Everyday, very soft.

    Haven’t posted either one of these, will let you know when I do. Hug

  2. Hi Betty Lou,
    Yes, sometimes God shows us a path around the mountain, that’s for sure!
    I have some donated yarn that is really old and it is scratchy, too. Glad to hear yours turned out presentable. I’ll be looking for patterns to use for some of mine. I love Vanna’s Choice yarn, but my very favorite yarn is from Hobby Lobby…”I Love This Yarn” so appropriately named.
    Looking forward to seeing your pics. Have a beautiful day!
    Carol Ann

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