My Cat is a Morning Person

My cat, Wilbur, is a morning person. At 6:30 a.m., he’s ready for a new day to begin.

He calls me, purrs, and taps on my back to wake me. If I don’t respond, he climbs over me and puts his nose on mine and meows.

He’s ready for love and attention. Right now, as I’m looking at the morning sky brighten, he’s laying on my lap and purring. Wilbur craves closeness in these first hours of the day. He’ll follow me where ever I go and always has a word or two to share.

There is something very comforting in having a cat snuggle with you. The warmth, the sound of purring, and the adoring looks make my heart smile.

I love animals, all animals, really. I adore dogs and have had wonderful canine pets who graced my life. Sometimes I think about getting another dog, but there is a greater responsibility in owning a dog. Regular walks, cleaning up the lawn, going out in the cold weather… So, I’ll just warm myself with memories of my sweet companions who have gone to heaven before me while I wait for the moments when my opinionated cats decide they want to be loved.

Have a beautiful day,



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  1. Awww he may get you up earlier than you anticipated, but at least Wilbur only meows to wake you up ….. Digit smacks us in the face until we either get up or lock him out of the room lol.

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