The Dog Ate My Homework

My Beloved Katie – Rest in Peace

Her beloved face looked at me with sadness in her final days. Her once black furry face, peppered with white, showed her age. We shared a love, an unconditional love. Even with the pain of arthritis, she followed me everywhere to lay at my feet upon reaching our destination. Except for the stairs.

She could no longer ease down the stairs she’d once conquered with lightning speed. When the time came to say goodbye, I held her head in my lap and stroked her fur, looked into her eyes and told her I loved her and it was alright to move on.

Friends have told me I should get a dog now that I’m alone…a big dog. Some days I’m tempted…the days that seem to be filled with too much quiet and the loneliness creeps in.

But with a dog comes responsibility. That thought is daunting. The training, the necessary exercise, cleaning up the yard. I’ve searched and the manual seems to be missing…

and the dog ate my homework!





The Dog Ate My Homework — 2 Comments

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your companion, Katie. Our pets are family members and we feel the loss. We lost our 17 year old Bichon four year ago, I carried her everywhere and she was in doggie diapers. She looked at me one day and with her little eyes said “Mom, I can’t do this anymore.” She went to doggie heaven that day. It was two years before we brought Rusty, the dachshund, into our family, now I can’t imagine life without him. When the time is right another dog will find his way into your heart. Hugs

    • Thanks, Betty Lou. Katie went to her forever home in 2002. I ran across the picture and was led to write the post. I still miss her and sometimes feel her spirit with me, especially when I’m at the computer. Since losing my husband, people have urged me to get a dog. I have three cats now and they have never been around a dog, so I’m sure bringing a new dog into the house would be traumatic for all. Maybe one day, I’ll consider another dog, but for now I’m content with my happy memories.

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