I Dub Thee with a Title

With every book I’ve written, the title has been part of the planning stage until this one. I will be writing “the end” soon, and still the title eludes me. I keep calling it Book 2 of the Havens Creek Series.

Marketing is an important process, especially in the weeks and months before release. Call me OCD, but I can’t focus on letting the world know my book is coming out when it doesn’t have a name! Oh, the anxiety that plagues me. I’ve tossed around so many ideas but none of them seem to fit.

Only three major scenes left to write, but my characters are holding me hostage and refuse to talk until I give them their due…a book title.

Today will be spent in writing down every possible title I can while brainstorming with pen and paper and praying for God’s to reveal the words.

Coming soon!!! ___________________ (Book 2 of Havens Creek)



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