Grieving and Healing does not Require Forgetting

In this new phase of life, God strengthens me every day. He gives me purpose and joy with each new dawn and soothes my tired soul and gives me rest when the moon rises. He commands me to rise from the ashes of despair and choose life.

He is teaching me to choose loving memories to replace the pain. My memories are stacked in a file which resides in my heart. I can open each drawer and sift through the pages of my past. He helps me purge the drawers slowly discarding what once was to make room for the new life He is creating.

Along with the purging comes sorrow, but He whispers the past is not where I belong. He holds me close and tells me I am His child and He has prepared a table before me with all things good. My journey on earth has not ended and I must trust and take steps forward. He understands my growth includes time to grieve, so He wraps me in His arms and lets me cry. He teaches me healing does not require forgetting.

As the past slips away, I sometimes stop and go to that special place to remember. I look at my husband’s face and bury my face in the garment that holds his earthly scent. I close my eyes and shed a few tears, but the tears are comforting now. In that closeness I can feel his arms around me as I rest my head against his shoulder. Then God takes my hand and moves me back into this new life He is building.

I look at the table before me and it is good.

Read Psalm 23.



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