In Progress Update

The picture shown on the left is the prayer shawl in progress at this time. This is supposed to be an easy + pattern. The stitches are basic, but the pineapple design calls for 6 rows, each row different, and repeating for most of the shawl. When I reach a certain point, the pattern will split at the neckline into two sides with points at the end of each side. Then an edging goes around the entire shawl. I would not recommend this for a beginning crocheter.

The main problem I’m encountering is using a donated yarn stash which is VERY aged. The yarn wants to split and using the smaller hook (size G) makes it more prone to split. But I think it will be very pretty when It is finished. Due to the pattern, I can’t work on it while watching television. I must keep my eyes on the work. This calls for an audio book and spare time, so it’s taking me longer than usual to finish. I’ll post all the information, including where the pattern can be found for anyone who is interested in trying it once it’s completed.

I’d like to speak to my followers who share the pictures from my blog on other boards. When you post the pictures, would you please post a link back to the post where you found it, or at least include the information on where the pattern can be found? I get a lot of email from people requesting where to find patterns but they don’t have any information other than (for instance) pink prayer shawl. This makes it hard for me to determine which shawl they are referring to and to let them know where they can purchase the pattern. I promise to start posting full information with every picture of a completed shawl in the future.

As a bit of trivia, my next book, which will be the third book in the Havens Creek Series will include a prayer shawl group of ladies. Can’t wait to get started on it. The second book in the series, In God’s Time, is coming out on May 12.

In God's Time

Available May 2014

BLURB: Chase Douglas, a rancher who lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan, no longer believes in a caring God. When he receives a phone call that his sister has died leaving him guardian of his four-year-old twin nieces, he leaves his comfort zone and travels to Havens Creek, Tennessee. There he meets Becca Middleton, a beautiful, kind-hearted woman who has been caring for the girls. His plan to take the twins to Montana is stalled when he learns his sister was murdered and her daughters are witnesses. Then his heart is further conflicted when he realizes Becca’s husband is the soldier who died after giving Chase a letter to deliver to his wife and child. The letter, long-forgotten, is buried in a duffel bag along with the devastating nightmares of war. Chase agonizes over fulfilling a promise made years ago which will inflict pain on a woman who has made peace with her past. As mutual attraction flares between Becca and Chase, he struggles in his relationship with God and with a decision that might end any chance of happiness.


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