Social Media??

Social media can become an addiction…or in God’s eyes, an idol. Finding a happy medium can be a daunting task for some.

For me, I like keeping up with family and friends on Facebook, sharing inspirational posts and pictures and occasionally letting my friends know I have a book coming out. It is not a place where I vent nor a place where I share every detail about my life. It’s not a place where I continually post “buy my book” ads. In fact, I have an author’s page where I post tidbits about my writing process, but it’s not a place where I post daily as I do on my friends page.

As a writer, I love connecting with people because writing is a very solitary process. Each morning I start my day with prayer and then I bring my cup of tea down to my office and log onto Facebook where I post an inspirational message, hoping to give a smile to those who read it.

I have a twitter account, but honestly…I just don’t get it. It’s such a busy, fast lane of short blurbs which drive me crazy. Note to self: Delete Twitter account.

Some people are on Pintrest or Instagram. Those are other time hogs for which I have no interest, although I enjoy seeing the recipes and other pictures some people carry over to Facebook.

My advice to writers is to choose your media and use it wisely. Don’t try to be all places…it’s just not feasible. And use your social media as a place to connect and interact with others. Be yourself but also be cautious. It’s a dangerous world out there!

Happy connecting!




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