A Grateful, Humble Writer

I view the world discreetly, safely behind the walls of my home or my back yard. My eyes are drawn to the beauty God creates in the flowers, bushes, and trees. The jerky, nervous tail of a squirrel. The clouds in the sky. A perfectly blue and cloudless sky. Thunderstorm clouds rolling in. Sun glinting off a raindrop clinging to a rose.

When I walk in a crowd, my attention is carefully centered anywhere but on another’s face. Perhaps it comes from a shyness bred in my younger years, the feeling of low self-esteem I battle when in the midst of strangers or those with whom I have only a brief acquaintance.

Most writers are people observant. People watchers. Their characters come to existence through picking up on traits they see or dialogue they hear. They are outgoing and love to mingle with people and talk about their books. Some, perhaps, are more like me. Ingrained introverts.

Sometimes I long to be more outgoing. In the last few years, I’ve tried to break the habit of not seeing the people God brings me in contact with each day. When I smile and don’t receive a return smile, instead of feeling rejected, I try to avoid making this personal. After all I’m giving a gift. I don’t need a gift in return. Perhaps my smile is the only one someone will receive that day. Out of my comfort zone? Definitely. But I’m learning to stop focusing inward and look outward.

In this vast universe, I’m only a tiny speck. My troubles and fears are not the only ones God is aware of. Truly I’m blessed when I compare my life with those of others who are homeless, or living in countries where they don’t get three meals a day, or have access to health care. Those who have no source of income. No shelter. No smiles.

I’m a writer. I create stories with happily-ever-afters. Stories where God takes something broken and makes it beautiful. My words come from deep within, from hurts, insecurity, and the broken parts of me that God has carefully mended. From my heart. My characters are birthed through prayer and God’s answer. Whispers from the Holy Spirit. Life experiences. Love. All glory goes to Him!

I am a grateful, humble, writer. A child of the King.




A Grateful, Humble Writer — 2 Comments

    • You’re welcome, Barbara. We hear so much drama and negatives through the media today, but if we stop and look around, God is constantly giving us reminders that He is alive and working miracles on a daily basis.

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